Our mission is to redefine the standard of care in pulmonary medicine and deliver the best lung care in America.

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We’re rebuilding the pulmonary clinic around a technology platform and a set of virtual and physical interventions calibrated to keep lung conditions under control. At a Nimbus Clinic, rich patient data and predictive models allow our providers to make more thoughtful medical decisions and step in at exactly the right moment.


Clay Spence


Sharvil Patel


Rafid Fadul

Senior Pulmonary Advisor

James Barfield

Founding Engineer

Ana Torralba

Operations Lead

Cari Grisham

Director of Nimbus at Home

Rhonda Bagby

Financial Officer

Juan Baul

Clinical Assistant

Justin Sousa

Software Engineer

Jocelyn Cangao

Payroll and Accounting

Janice Go

Executive Assistant

Akram Rameez

Software Engineer

Maria Cortez

Revenue Cyle Coordinator

Aidan Anderson

Business Development

Gautam Chebrolu


Ashwin Prakash


Andy Chambers



Joe Lonsdale

Ryan Howard

Michael Muchnicki

John Bertrand

Sean Murnane

Pedro Rojas

Piyush Patel

Luke Finney

Ari Wes

Miles Bird

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