Our goal is to help you grow your practice, and share in the success as we do.

We take on the business of medicine while you retain clinical autonomy.

Nimbus team

We take on the business of medicine while you retain clinical autonomy.

Better contracted rates

New service lines and revenue streams

Analysis of new markets

Value-based care programs

Economies of scale and administrative efficiencies

We handle the tedium of business administration so that you can focus on your profession.

Revenue Cycle Management


Payor Negotiations / Contracting

Recruitment / Human Resources

Finance / Accounting

Regulatory Compliance

Marketing and Business Development



Steps toward partnership:

1. Non-disclosure agreement

2. Preliminary information about practice

3. Formal proposal; a letter of intent to partner with the practice

4. Signed letter of intent

5. Closing

There are multi-state networks of clinics in every other specialty, but not in pulmonary medicine. It’s time for pulmonologists to band together, earn more, and prove that specialty care is the key to improving outcomes for respiratory patients.

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What does partnership mean?

Partnerships take many forms, including acquisitions, joint ventures, and investments. When we partner, we commit to working together to increase revenues to your practice and improve patient outcomes, and both parties share in the upside.

What's in it for me?

If you're a retiring provider, the sale of your practice is a way to realize value from the practice you've built. If you're mid-career and intend to continue working, a partnership is a great way to expand your practice, earn more, and bring the latest pulmonary technology to your patients.

What administrative services will Nimbus take on?

We will take on various administrative services, such as billing, HR, compliance, and financial management, allowing you to focus on patient care while benefiting from our expertise.

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